Introducing Ruthven R. Phillip, Esq.

A rare combination of legal brilliance, negotiating tenacity, and uncommon human compassion, Attorney Ruthven R. Phillip is the distinguished, battle-tested litigator recommended during any IRS confrontation.

In every field of business, power to get things done isn’t only derived from what you know, but whom you know. With highly cultivated relationships from varied professional experience in the tax world, tax attorney and licensed CPA (Certified Public Accountant), Ruthven R. Phillip leverages a specific pedigree of expertise. He brings an unrivaled portfolio of tax relief services to the task of resolving complex tax debt problems.

Though I am an attorney, a more truthful description is ‘counselor.’ I do more than litigate. I guide, console and rehabilitate. While resolving the myriad of tax problems that ensnare my clients, I take the time to share and educate. I explain the shifting codes, regulations, and vocabulary of “tax” in
ways everyone can understand. My goal is to leave each
client with a deepened tax literacy, plus, fully empowered to avoid ‘tax recidivism.’

I understand how stressful tax debt can be and the negative impact it can have on your ability to live, dream and care for what matters most to you. You don't have to live overwhelmed and anxious anymore. I'm here to help.

Ruthven R. Phillip, Esq.

Protect Your Livelihood and Your Legacy.

Don’t panic!  We have a proven track record of resolving your tax concerns.