Wage Garnishment

Like liens and levies, wage garnishment is another effective enforcement tool the IRS uses to encourage compliance from delinquent tax payers. Garnishments are very similar to levies on one’s banking accounts, except monies are taken on the front-end instead of the back-end from your paycheck. The IRS has the power to confiscate your money before you ever receive it.

Your Job Must Betray You

The IRS will send a series of imposing letters to the human resources or payroll department of your place of employment. Those sternly worded letters will note your delinquent tax issue, while requesting a generous portion of your wages. The department head who receives such correspondence must now decide whether to violate you and your livelihood, or, violate the IRS. Guess who wins?

You vs. Them

Institution or individual, no one wants to be in the IRS hot seat. Once a banking institution or your employer receives a letter from IRS, they must comply or they will face financially punitive repercussions as well. It will never matter that you are their favorite customer or employee. If they do not comply, they will be held directly responsible for your tax liability. In other words, they will be charged with your debt.

Regardless of pleas to your bank officer or employer, promising that you will straighten out your unjust situation with the IRS, their legal departments will unequivocally advise them to immediately comply with IRS requests. Your money will be diverted to Uncle Sam, no further questions asked.

Tax Debt Relief Now

When facing wage garnishments and a complete interruption of your financial security, hire professional help immediately. Seasoned tax professionals exist so that you do not have to suffer unnecessarily. Hire an IRS attorney immediately. Via years long relationships with revenue officers at the IRS, a depth of knowledge of IRS procedural rules, regulations, and law, we can state your case in a way that may afford you reasonable leniencies that you otherwise could not attain. We specialize in recovery tax relief. Recover your immediate financial security and resolve your tax debt at the same time.

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