Innocent Spouse Relief

When a tax impropriety arises amid a married couple’s joint tax return, but clear responsibility falls to one spouse over the other, the IRS provides an exoneration route for the non-offending spouse. It is called, “Innocent Spouse Relief.”

Divorce Your Taxes

Quiet as it’s kept, joint filing is not always a good idea for married individuals. It can lead to all sorts of nasty entanglements. “Innocent Spouse Relief” is a highly useful “get out of jail free” card when your spouse has displayed tax incompetence or tax criminality. You may love your spouse forever, but that does not mean that your spouse is a competent or responsible tax payer or preparer.

Affect Upon You

According to the divorce rate, most holy matrimonies end up proving not so holy after a number of years. Not only does your heart get caught in an unfortunate entanglement, but so do your assets, children, bank accounts, and taxes. If you did not file your taxes separately, properly claiming “innocent spouse relief” can possibly exonerate you.

Tax Debt Relief Now

If you are being held responsible for your current or ex-spouse’s tax debt, or facing punitive repercussions as a result, take action. Hire tax legal representation to completely divorce yourself and your financial records from the situation caused by an unscrupulous spouse. Learn about tax relief programs available for people in your exact predicament.

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