Tax Liens / Tax Levies

If a tax lien or tax levy is currently enacted against you, you’re probably in a world of panic right now. State and federal authorities have far-reaching powers to ensure your tax compliance. Assuming that a tax lien or tax levy against your bank account or assets has brought you to our site, it is clear to you that the IRS will not hesitate to use that power. 

Tax Lien vs. Tax Levy

To be clear, a tax lien is the legally authorized entitlement to your property; it is an enforcement device used to securely acquire equal financial value of the debt it is believed you owe. However, a tax levy is more aggressive. A tax levy is the actual seizure of the monies in your current bank account, less than or equal to your presumed tax debt. Regardless of distinction, these are two problems that no one wants to face.

When Your World Has Been Stopped

When all of your money has been removed from your account or a lien on your property prevents you from buying, selling, or re-financing, it feels like your whole world has stopped. Because, honestly, it has. Your daily living, lifestyle, and family security have been put at considerable risk. Mortgages cannot be paid. Food bills cannot be satisfied. Childcare or school tuitions cannot be paid. It is severe. Typically, the IRS uses these severe options when they feel they are being ignored by you — after sending you repeated correspondence without a response.

Tax Debt Relief Now

If you feel that a tax lien or tax levy has been unfairly enacted against you, there are potential steps and methods to resolve the issue than only a tax attorney or IRS attorney would know. If you feel that a tax lien or tax levy is possibly warranted due to your negligence to respond to the IRS—for whatever life reasons—there are also potential steps, methods, and tax relief programs to resolve the issue. Partner with an expert in tax law.

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